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Energy Medicine & Healing Summit

I’m super excited to invite you to a special online event happening this April 22 to 26th. Please join me for The Shift Network’s Energy Medicine & Healing Summit. Unlock your body’s natural ability to heal through the evolutionary powers of energy medicine & create vibrant health for yourself, your family, and your clients.

You can join this FREE ONLINE EVENT from anywhere in the world. It’s complimentary and completely online—beginning April 22nd. Each day’s video presentations are available to view for free 48 hours following the live broadcast.

I’ll be presenting on how to improve your vision with Chinese Reflexology and the wisdom of your soles and soul. You’ll learn how you can change your vision by following your soul’s calling. Through the Mind Body connection, your eyesight reveals how clearly you see and recognize your brilliance.

Join the Energy Medicine & Healing Summit for FREE

5 Ways to Practice Chinese Reflexology if You Can’t Rub Your Feet

One of the questions I get asked regularly is, “How do you practice Chinese Reflexology if you can’t rub your feet?” Sometimes a structural issue or injury makes it hard to massage your feet. Other times, it’s simply not convenient. Imagine whipping off your shoes and rubbing your feet in the middle of an important business meeting!

For those times when you can’t reach down and rub your feet, here are 5 ways to help you practice Chinese Reflexology…

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hand reflexology points for headache, points to massage for headache pain relief

6 Points on Your Hand to Massage for Quick Relief from Headaches

Got a headache? Here are six reflexology and acupressure points that you can massage on your hand for quick pain relief. For those times when you can’t massage the reflexology foot points for a headache or migraine, here are six powerful hand reflexology and acupressure points to give you fast relief.

How to massage your hands for quick relief from a headache

Latest Podcast: #43 Overcome Fear of Being Alone

Being a maverick can sometimes make you feel very alone, especially when the people surrounding you have very different viewpoints. While you may put on a brave face and claim you don’t need others, there’s a tiny hidden aspect of your heart that fears being alone. Sometimes you wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

These fears and doubts can sabotage your progress without you even being aware of it.

Tune in to today’s episode to shine a light on the fear and realize you are NOT alone. Let’s enter the Dragon Spirit space to clear these doubts and fears so that you can embrace your brilliance and shine your light in the world—and attract like-minded souls.

P.S. A new episode is released every Monday morning. Find every episode on iTunes or my podcast blog at: www.hollytse.com.