Free Online Course: Secrets of Chinese Reflexology Revealed

GreenReflexFeetThere’s no new article this month because…dum dum dum (that was supposed to be a drumroll!)

There’s a free online course available right now for you to enjoy. The course is available to watch for free until the end of this upcoming weekend, Sunday, May 21st. No need to register or sign up.

SORRY, THE FREE VIEWING PERIOD IS OVER. I promise to come up with another fun way to share more reflexology with you next year.

Discover what your feet reveal about your body’s life force energy, and how you can take this knowledge to be in command of your health and well-being.

Each year I celebrate my readers by creating an awesome and fun way to share Chinese Reflexology with you. In this free online class, Secrets of Chinese Reflexology Revealed, you’ll learn how you can use this ancient healing art to powerfully connect with your qi—your life force energy—to heal your body and boost your vitality.

The class consists of three online videos that you can watch for free until May 21st. So watch them at home at your convenience, and grab your popcorn, or your feet!

SORRY, THE FREE VIEWING PERIOD IS OVER. I promise to come up with another fun way to share more reflexology with you next year.

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