My Biggest Gift Ever!

If you’ve ever had your day ruined by a headache or migraine, then I invite you to join me for my biggest gift ever:

Chinese Reflexology for Headaches and Migraines
– A FREE Online Course

This is a full length 90-minute course that you can join from anywhere in the world. And did I mention, it’s totally FREE!

I give away a course ONLY ONCE A YEAR, so if you’d like to learn more about Chinese Reflexology, this is the time to do it :). Happy Chinese New Year!


What’s in the box? Your invitation to a FREE online course!
Learn from anywhere in the world how to get fast relief from headaches and migraines.

Here’s the scoop on this free course:

A little over two years ago, I published an article on 4 Points on Your Feet for Headaches and Migraines. This article has become one of the most popular articles on my website with over 200,000 pageviews since I first published it. The information I share in this article has help many, many people get fast pain relief without having to take drugs or when nothing else was working.

Some of the amazing messages I’ve received since publishing this article, include hearing from a child who searched online, found my article, and rubbed his mom’s feet:

“I did everything you said, and now she says that she is starting to feel better. Thanks so much!”

Or this message from a woman who tried EVERYTHING to get relief from a four-day migraine:

“I’ve had a headache or migraine on and off for the last 4 days, I tried everything I used to do. Nap, drink lots of water, drink caffeine, drink Gatorade, take meds, cool cloth to the head, it can go on…and nothing seemed to help. I tried this out and I’m surprised it took the pain away so quickly.”

And of course, one of my favourites is from someone who had no experience with Chinese Reflexology, and was completely astounded:

“Never done reflexology or anything like that before. Closest I’ve come is the Chiro or Chinese massage in the shopping centre. My husband tried the middle of the big toe trick for an AWFUL migraine yesterday, and to our surprise it worked!.”


LOL, yeah, this stuff really works!

If you’re a longtime reader of my blog, you know that I love to give back to my readers—it’s a brilliant way to spread good karma and make a difference in the world. Last year, I wasn’t able to teach a free workshop because I was busy working on my upcoming book, Sole Guidance. My family also moved to a new city—selling our house and finding a new one was like a full-time job for me!

Things have settled down and I’m enjoying the “calm”—as calm as it gets when you’re a full-time mom—before my book is released in July. Now is the perfect time for me to teach a free online course

Chinese Reflexology for Headaches and Migraines has been 18 months in the planning, and I’m finally opening up registration for this three-part course, right now.

It’s free to attend! There’s no catch.

Well, I guess the only catch is that the course will be available for a limited time. I should also mention that your normal Internet/data charges will apply, but if you can watch YouTube videos, then it’ll be just like that—only they’ll be longer videos, and more intelligent :).

I’m going to start releasing the course content in less than a week, beginning with the pre-course content on February 8th—Happy Chinese New Year’s!

Why Sign Up for this FREE Online Course?

Now you may be wondering, if there’s this really effective four points for headaches article out there already, why bother with a course?

My answer: Because there’s so much more information to share!

If you’re okay with getting headaches or migraines, and pressing a few points to get on with your life, then there really is no need to sign up for this free online course.

But if you’re a curious person who wants to better understand your body so that you can improve your overall health, AND get fewer headaches and migraines, then this course is for you.

When I first thought of teaching this subject much more in depth, I sent a survey to readers to ask about your headaches and migraines. 96.8% of you wanted to know how to get fewer headaches and migraines. But only 66.6% of respondents believed it was possible to be cured so that they rarely if ever experienced them again. 19.1% said “maybe” and 10.5% “don’t know.” Only 3.8% of respondents didn’t believe it was possible to be free from their headaches or migraines.

For the people who don’t believe it’s possible, this online course is NOT for you. But, if you believe…

Anything is possible. Then, this course is for YOU.

Chinese Reflexology for Headaches and Migraines is a hands-on (feet-on) 90-minute, full length course that will guide you to a higher and more expansive perspective on your health and well-being. I would normally ask $75 for an online course of this caliber, but you can join for FREE.

While 90 minutes might seem like a lot of time in a busy life, the first lesson is only a half hour. You could spend 30 minutes (or more) watching a CSI rerun, surfing the Internet reading mindless articles, checking your Facebook, OR you could invest that time in yourself.

You could grow your knowledge and awareness of how amazing your body really is at healing itself. You could learn what you—as your body’s caretaker—can do to support it so that it serves you well for the rest of your life.

Here’s How to Sign Up . . .

To sign up for the free online course, simply enter your name and email address below:

If you’re not already a newsletter subscriber, you’ll also receive my monthly newsletter, Amazing Feet. It’s a fun way to learn more about Chinese Reflexology to heal your body, and help you and your family stay healthy and thrive.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2016!


P.S. It’s my mission in life to uplift others by sharing the amazing healing powers of Chinese Reflexology and the Mind Body Connection. It’s a big job, and as a full-time mom, I sure could use your help in spreading the word (and the good karma). If you know anyone who gets chronic headaches or migraines, I would really appreciate it if you could please help share the good karma by clicking one of the links below. Thank you :)

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