Amazing Vision – Online Webinar

See With Joy and Clarity of Vision

What if you could see so clearly that your heart sang with joy? How amazing would it feel to see your life and know that whatever you didn’t like, you had the power to change because you TRULY SEE your brilliance?

When you see your truth, your heart is filled with joy and your vision improves.

5ElementsEye400In this 2-hour webinar class, you’ll gain the tools and knowledge to break through subconscious blocks that may stop you from seeing clearly. You’ll learn how to heal your vision from the inside out by using the 5 Elements of Amazing Vision. Discover how to make Amazing Vision a way of life that feels effortless and joyful.

In my journey to improve my vision and reduce my eyeglass prescription by 40%, I’ve hit many roadblocks. All of them were mental, emotional or spiritual and they delayed my vision improvement by over a decade. Looking back, I realize how simple (and faster) it could have been to move forward if only I had known how to release these subconscious blocks.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching this companion workshop to Chinese Reflexology for Health Eyes so that you’ll take your vision improvement to the next level. In this online webinar, you’ll learn how to easily release limiting thought patterns and stay inspired and motivated to improve your vision. Here’s what’s covered:
reflexology point - improve eyesight naturally

  • Explore fun ways to make simple changes that take minutes (or even seconds), but that can powerfully improve your vision
  • Find out how to hear what your body is asking for to heal your eyes
  • Quantum leap your energy healing to the next level by learning how to receive Qi from the Universe and send it to your eyes
  • Uncover and release emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you from moving forward
  • Accelerate your vision improvement with one tip that could save you hundreds of dollars if you wear glasses

What’s Included:

  • Instant access to the online webinar recording
  • 21-Day Action Plan to help you easily create lifelong habits for Amazing Vision
  • All the usual goodies: online recording of the webinar, online instructional videos, presentation slides, and your questions answered by email
  • 30-Day Money-Back Promise: If it’s not for you, send me an email within 30 days of your purchase and your money will be cheerfully refunded

Instant Access: $125
Wishing you and your family abundant and vibrant health!

Warmest Wishes,