Chinese Reflexology for Colds – Workshop Recording

Learn How to Keep You and Your Family Healthy All Year Long
Discover a simple and effective way to naturally fight off a cold with Chinese Reflexology. Access to the workshop recording is now available.

Three years ago, I created a Chinese Reflexology routine to get over a cold fast. I was a full-time mom looking after a rambunctious toddler and I couldn’t afford to be sick. Since then, I’ve developed and refined this reflexology routine to help moms, dads, kids—and people from all walks of life—to get back on their feet faster AND avoid catching a cold even if everyone around them is coughing and sneezing.

When you start feeling run down, you can practice this reflexology routine right away to start feeling better and boost your body’s natural Qi (energy) to fight off a cold.

In this 90-minute online workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to locate and massage 5 key Chinese Reflexology points for cold recovery and prevention, plus additional points for runny noses and phlegmy coughs
  • Discover how to customize the reflexology routine based on your cold symptoms
  • Find out how to never catch a cold again by releasing the energy and emotions that bring on a cold
  • Learn how to adapt these techniques for kids, from infants to tweens

You’ll come away with a powerful way to heal your body and gain the tools and techniques to stay healthy and productive all year long.

Workshop Details

  • Get the Recording: Get access to the Class Page to view the workshop recording online as well as videos of all the points covered. After watching the recording, you can also get your questions answered via email.
  • Price: $35

You could spend $35 on over-the-counter drugs that mask symptoms and leave you feeling foggy-brained. You could probably also buy some tissues, juice and vitamins, but you’d have to get out of your warm, comfy bed to drag yourself to the store when you’re not feeling well.


You could learn a simple and natural healing method that can help you feel better right away and stay healthy and productive all year long.

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"My cold was completely gone within two and half days. The other people in my office that had the cold were sick for 7-10 days”
- Julie

"For the last few days, I have woken with with very dry throat, mucous in my nose and throat. I just now had time to sit down and watch the presentation and can tell you that I feel different, clearer, since doing the routine on my feet. My neck has been stiff and I feel it much looser now, my nose feels clear and my lungs more open."
- Marilyn

"You’ve got some serious Chinese medicine going on here! I just did as you instructed (quite clearly, thank you!) and my feet hurt but I do feel better already. Man...that’s powerful mojo because I have been sick as a dog today!”
- Suzanne