Energize Your Eyes and Ears – Free Online Course

Another give-back-to-readers event happens again next year, so join my mailing list to get the latest announcement.

It’s time for my annual “Give-Back-to-Readers” event! Woohoo!

This year, I have an exciting week planned for readers.

It’s the Energize Your Eyes and Ears Event. 

In this amazing event, you’ll discover how to heal hearing and eye problems naturally with Chinese Reflexology. It all begins on May 2nd and ends on May 13th.

Eye health and ear-related issues are two of the most popular topics that readers ask me about. That’s why I’ve been sharing about how to heal and strengthen your vision and hearing in a couple of recent online summits, the Winter of Wellness, and most recently, the Energy Medicine and Healing Summit.

However, in the summits, I only had a half-hour to give as much information as I could. And for me, because I’m so generous with my content, 30 minutes was simply not enough. It’s one of the reasons why Energize Your Eyes and Ears has been months in the making. Chinese Reflexology saved my vision. It empowered me to heal myself. I want that for you and for the planet.

If you suffer from eye issues such as macular degeneration, detached retina, floaters, nearsightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections, styes, eye strain; or from ear-related issues like hearing loss, persistent dizziness, vertigo or tinnitus; I hope you’ll join me for this informative event.

Another give-back-to-readers event happens again next year, so join my mailing list to get the latest announcement.

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