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Dragon Spirit Meditation: Connecting to the Wisdom of the Universe

I’ve been feeling a strong call to share more of my Dragon Spirit work with the world. This video is an excerpt from a recent Q&A call with students of my 6-month Sole Mastery program. The Universe is strongly urging me to share this recording, so while my mind would like to “pretty it up” (e.g. add a better intro or some music), my soul is quite adamant in insisting that I share it now as is.

Dragon Spirit is my way of describing my connection to my inner wisdom. Everyone has a Dragon Spirit. It’s not a spirit or entity outside of yourself. Instead, Dragon Spirit is the voice within that craves adventure, exploration, growth, and expansion. It’s your connection to the Universe and your higher guidance—and very conveniently, your Dragon Spirit is also uber-wise and knows the best answers to your most pressing questions.

BUT, we can only access this wisdom when we quiet our minds. This short 15-minute Dragon Spirit meditation will help you tune into your connection with the Universe. Through this connection, you will experience clarity and insights to help you follow your soul’s calling and support your health and well-being. By quieting the mind, you’re better able to hear your inner guidance, and you’re more connected with your body and what it needs to heal and thrive.

Dragon Spirit Radio: The “Secret” to Health, Wealth and Happiness

I got super busy with preparing for my free Amazing Vision class a couple of weeks ago, so I’ve been a bit tardy on updating my site. I hosted a Dragon Spirit Radio show a few weeks ago on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection, on The “Secret” to Health, Wealth and Happiness and wanted to share itContinue Reading

Dragon Spirit Radio: How to Have the Perfect Body

Many of us get caught up in trying to be perfect. Even as full-grown adults with rational minds, we can’t seem to let go of the pressure from society (maybe it’s not society, but you), to be perfect. We try to reach an ideal weight, eat the right foods, get the right amount of exercise,Continue Reading

Why Women Matter: The Spiritual and Emotional Roots of Women’s Health Issues

Last Friday’s Dragon Spirit Radio show was about the Spiritual Dimension of Women’s Health and the emotional and spiritual causes of women’s health issues.  From breast cancer to PMS, we learned why and how we denigrate our bodies to the point where our bodies manifest pain, discomfort and disease. In a nutshell, the 3 mainContinue Reading

How to Use Your Past to Create a Future of Amazing Health and Vitality

Learn how to create your own personal health map. You’ll discover the triggers that negatively affect your health and the factors that make you feel amazing. Plus, it’s fun to do! Every other Friday, I produce an online radio show that explores the body, mind and spirit connection. In last week’s episode of Dragon SpiritContinue Reading