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Get Your FREE Pass to the
Energy Medicine & Healing Summit: Online Event Happening This April 23 to 27

I’m super excited to invite you to the Shift Network’s Energy Medicine & Healing Summit. Spring is a time of renewal, growth, and rejuvenation—which makes this a wonderful time to heal with energy.

Discover a life-changing path for activating your life force energy… to restore balance, rejuvenate your entire body and promote emotional wellbeing and spiritual healing.

You can join this FREE ONLINE EVENT from anywhere in the world. It’s complimentary and completely online—beginning April 23rd. Each day’s program sessions will be available for 48 hours following their broadcasts.

I’ll be sharing how the hidden world of energy healing is revealed through your feet. If you’ve ever wondered, Does this stuff really work?, please join me to hear the answer from your soles—and soul!

With Chinese Reflexology, you can get conclusive proof that what you do and how you live affects the life force energy in your body. During this fun and hands-on session, you’ll discover:

  • How to bypass the mind (your inner critic & skeptic) to start healing with energy — during this presentation!
  • A simple technique to identify where you have energy blocks or weak qi in your body… and how to clear those blocks & strengthen your life force energy
  • The easiest and most enjoyable way to tap into an unlimited supply of energy to heal your body, mind, heart, & spirit

My talk will be on April 27th, and I’m honored to be a part of the Energy Medicine & Healing summit’s line-up highly sought-after speakers — including Donna Eden, Alberto Villoldo, Dr. Sue Morter, Mingtong Gu, Anodea Judith, Wendy de Rosa, Dr. Crystal Jones, and others — bringing to light the curative and evolutionary powers of a wide range of proven energy practices!

During this unparalleled 5-day gathering, you’ll discover:

  • A guided experiential qigong practice to increase your self-care, self-healing, & self-empowerment
  • Reiki and other ancient medicines/spirituality as tools for transmuting
    depression, trauma, and spiritual imbalances into wholeness, light, &
  • Effective methods for healing the patterns of the past so you can
    draw your soulmate closer
  • The Medicine Wheel, or Sacred Hoop — a Native American approach to
    energy medicine that can be used to resolve trauma, grief, stress, & illness
  • A simple rule for complete and permanent healing… & how you can heal yourself when no one else can

And many more healing modalities!

Unlock your body’s natural ability to heal: April 23-27, 2018.

This event is now over, but I will be posting the recording of my talk in an upcoming blog post.


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