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If You’ve Had an Organ Removed, Should You Still Massage Its Reflexology Point?

One of the questions that I am frequently asked is whether someone should massage a reflexology point if it no longer applies to them. For example, if your spleen or gallbladder was removed many years ago, you may wonder whether you should massage the organ’s reflexology point. After all, you don’t have the organ anyContinue Reading

The Amazing Secrets Revealed by Your Feet:
What Sensitive Points Say About Your Health

If you’ve been massaging your feet and have found tender or sensitive areas, there’s a reason why this happens. When you have sensitive points on your feet, there are four possible causes, which can give you insights into your health and well-being. These points can also give you a heads-up to let you know that youContinue Reading

The Nature of Qi: Part 1

What Is Qi and How Can You Use It to Improve Your Health? Qi (pronounced “chee” like in Tai Chi–a thoughtful reader pointed out that this is a different Chi, even though it sounds similar in English; Qi Gong is the same Qi though) is life force energy. It’s the energy of creation and itContinue Reading

How to Heal With Your Hands When Nothing is Working and You’re Feeling Desperate

The title of this article is what I experienced over a year ago when my then 2-year old son was coughing so badly, he sounded like a seal pup barking. His cough had gotten progressively worse during the late afternoon and early evening. By the time it was bedtime, he was wheezing. Almost every parentContinue Reading