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Chinese Reflexology for Sight and Sound: Healthy Eyes and Preventing Hearing Loss

At the start of the year, I participated in The Shift Network’s annual Winter of Wellness online summit. I gave a presentation on Chinese Reflexology for Sight and Sound, and shared how I healed myself from early stage macular degeneration, and how my vision keeps improving over the years.

Listen to the recording to learn how to massage your feet to strengthen the essential organs and meridians for healthy eyes and good hearing. Discover how qi, your life force energy, affects your health and vitality, and what you can do to boost your energy “battery” for better health and longevity.

In this fun and informative presentation, you’ll learn powerful techniques and wisdom to:

  • Strengthen and harmonize the life-enhancing qi for your eyes and ears
  • Uncover emotional blindspots that affect your vision and hearing
  • Revitalize the most important organ to prevent hearing loss and increase your longevity

And SO MUCH more…

This interview is part of the Winter of Wellness Summit, a free online event featuring top wellness experts speaking on optimal health for your whole being. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

Reversing Myopia: Kevin’s Story

From Holly: It’s not that often that I publish stories written by readers, but Kevin’s story is so amazing and inspirational, I wanted to share it with you. He came across my article on 5 Simple Habits to Improve Eyesight Naturally, and began making changes in his lifestyle and approach to seeing things. Read hisContinue Reading

6 Tips to Reduce Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children — And Adults Too!

Does your child wear glasses? Are you concerned that their prescription keeps increasing every time they visit the eye doctor? You may have heard this is normal and there’s nothing that can be done, but that’s not true at all. It IS possible to slow down the advancement of nearsightedness and even reverse it. ReadContinue Reading

Q&A Monday: The Relationship Between Thoughts, Emotions and Eyesight

Today’s Q&A column features two questions about eyesight and vision. One question is from a young woman experiencing macular degeneration and the other is from a parent concerned about her child’s poor vision. It felt right to answer both questions with one answer. If you’d like to learn more about improving your vision, it’s criticalContinue Reading

How to Reverse Age-Related Vision Problems and Start Seeing Clearly Again

Finally, here’s my promised article on how to use Chinese Reflexology to reverse age-related vision problems and start seeing clearly again. While I can’t promise 20/20 vision, I can promise that if you invest 8 minutes to read this article while being fully present, you will begin to shift the energy that holds you inContinue Reading

5 Simple Habits to Improve Eyesight Naturally

If you’re looking for ways to improve eyesight naturally, here are 5 simple things you can do to improve your vision. They helped me reduce my prescription by 30% for my left eye and about 15% for my right eye. And I got rid of the astigmatism in my right eye too. My father hasContinue Reading

The Emotions and Energetics of Seeing Without Glasses – Part 1

I started wearing glasses when I was eleven years old. It’s stunning to realize that for most of my life, I’ve been wearing glasses or contacts in order to see clearly. Sometimes, I feel sad when I realize that I had perfect vision for just ten years, but that is about to change. Or, toContinue Reading

What to Do if a Piece of Cat Litter Gets Into Your Eye and Scratches Your Cornea

This post is a special one, written just for my friend, Kristina Wong.  Kristina is a performance artist and I saw her “Cat Lady” show this weekend.  In one scene, she flings a bag of cat litter into the air.  On the last day of the show run, a piece of cat litter got intoContinue Reading