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Sole Guidance: Official Book Launch!

Two years in the making, and it’s finally here. My new book, Sole Guidance, was officially released TODAY!!!

Minutes after arriving home from Toronto, I discovered that Hay House sent me an advance copy of my book!

Minutes after arriving home from Toronto, I discovered that Hay House sent me an advance copy of my book!

Today, I should be working on getting the word out on my book.

Unlike the golden age of publishing, these days book promotion is primarily the author’s responsibility. I’m lucky because my publisher, Hay House, is much more supportive than traditional publishers. They have a great online presence an impressive newsletter base, and everyone I’ve worked with has been amazingly professional, competent and caring.

They even featured my article, how to get instant knee pain relief in 4 steps on the homepage of today. I really appreciate their support and am thrilled to be a Hay House author.

That said, the bulk of the responsibility to promote the book falls on my shoulders, which totally makes sense to me. It is after all, my book. Who would know it better than me?

However, instead of coming up with a marketing strategy, contacting the media, lining up interviews, and planning a book tour, I’ve been vacationing in Toronto, spending time with family, camping in Yosemite, and hanging out with my son while he’s on summer vacation. (That’s why my inbox has 50+ messages to get to.)

I could totally stress out and push myself, but I’m being guided by my heart and soul to play. I’ve also been guided to kick off my book launch with 8 days of rest and then spend the next 28 days on caring, sharing and reader appreciation.

It certainly takes a lot of faith (or utter stupidity—lol) to completely disregard traditional marketing methodologies. But I’ve learned from trial and error (mostly from error!) that when my heart speaks, I should listen. So I’m going to trust my inner guidance and watch what happens. I consider this an experiment to show that the heart really does know best.

Anyhow, a reader pointed out to me on my Facebook page that I didn’t include a link to buy the book, so here’s one:

The book should also be available in traditional bookstores, and it’s available worldwide on Amazon’s international sites. I should also mention that Amazon in the U.S. is offering a deal where you can pick up your copy for under $10.

Sole Guidance by Holly Tse

Wow! My book is sold out in England!

And with the awesome discovery that my book is #2 in the “reflexology” category on, I believe that’s enough “work” for my official book launch day. About a week from now, I’ll tell you more about why this book rocks. Suffice to say, I poured my heart and soul into writing it. When I first started writing, my intention was to write the epic life-changing book that I knew in my heart that I was meant to write. Well, I wrote it (and a really awkward sentence preceding this sentence).


P.S. Here are the activities from my official book launch day:

1. Started digging up the overgrown weed/bush in the backyard


The guy at the nursery thought the shrub was “heavenly bamboo.” Not so heavenly to dig it up!

If anyone knows what this plant is and a natural way to get rid of it, I’d really appreciate it if you’d let me know in the comments. Right now, I’m picking through the massive root system (about 100 square feet) with a pitchfork and manually yanking it out.

2. Visited the Lego Store


A certain little boy is turning seven soon, so I took him to the mall to pick out a birthday gift. He chose the winter village set even though it’s 100-degrees out. He said he wanted to build the Christmas tree. He’s really been into trees lately and visits the neighbour’s oak tree every few days.

3. Went “swimming”

“Swimming” is in quotes because the same little boy is learning how to swim. We headed out in 100-degree heat (did I mention it’s 100 degrees out?) to practice blowing bubbles in the water.

3. Play camping


While it may not be entirely obvious looking at the couch, there are a whole bunch of stuffed animals sitting in a “tent” (the bed sheet is the tent). They’ve been roasting fish-mallows (the penguin version of marshmallows), and marking “trails” with K’nex pieces.

And then it will be time to make dinner. Later this evening, I’ll displace the stuffed animals so that I can veg out on the couch and watch Master Chef.

I’d say Day 1 of my book launch is turning into a huge success! 😉

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