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Success Stories

If you’re new to Chinese Reflexology, you may be wondering exactly how does Qi (energy) work to heal your body and more importantly, does it really work? I know I felt that way when I was first introduced to Chinese Reflexology. I remember when my husband suggested it to me, I wrinkled up my noseContinue Reading

I’m a Healer: Now, Why Is That So Hard to Say?

I’ve been posting a lot of INFORMATION these past few months. Some of it has been rather serious and some of it has been more on the cheeky side like the What Colour Is Your Snot? infographic. Curiously, there’s one thing that’s been missing… Me, and also what this picture says… When I started thisContinue Reading

How to Use Your Past to Create a Future of Amazing Health and Vitality

Learn how to create your own personal health map. You’ll discover the triggers that negatively affect your health and the factors that make you feel amazing. Plus, it’s fun to do! Every other Friday, I produce an online radio show that explores the body, mind and spirit connection. In last week’s episode of Dragon SpiritContinue Reading

I Channel the Universe for Health and Vitality

I may have mentioned this in passing, perhaps in a newsletter or during an online workshop, but I don’t think I’ve actually proclaimed it on my site, so here it is… I connect with the universe for health and vitality! I actually channel what I call my Dragon Spirit. It’s the voice inside that cravesContinue Reading

Listening to the Experts and Why Sometimes You Shouldn’t

I get pissed off when medical experts tell people that they’re doomed for life. If you know me, I’m not one who gets angry easily. Recently, I have been actively improving my eyesight using a combination of exercises, energy work and emotional release. The results have been impressive with a 30% reduction in my prescriptionContinue Reading

How a Runny Nose Keeps You From Your Destiny and What to Do About It began with one article I wrote about how to naturally get over a cold fast using a simple 5-minute Chinese Reflexology routine that I created out of necessity. When I wrote the article, I had a cold that had bypassed the runny nose phase and had gone straight to a cough. The reflexology routineContinue Reading

Why I’m Forcing Foot Massages on My Son

Ah, to be the ideal parent. Before I became a parent, I had all this idealism about how to be the perfect parent. I would allow my son to be who he wanted to be. I’d let him make his own choices and respect those choices. I’d never use disposable diapers. I would never sayContinue Reading

Sharing Traditional Chinese Reflexology with the World

I’m a procrastinator. Most people who know me would swear otherwise since I always seem so busy with this project or that project. I’ve probably launched more businesses and websites in the past 8 years than most people do in a lifetime. But the one thing that I’m very passionate about, Traditional Chinese Reflexology, I’veContinue Reading