For Noah: Traditional Chinese Reflexology as a Complementary Tool for Healing

I don’t remember where I first learned about Noah Stout, but I do know that when I read his story, I felt I had to do something. Noah is a 4-year old little boy who was recently diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) OR Brainstem Glioma.

This is a cancerous brain tumor that primarily affects children and it also happens to be one of the rarest and worst of pediatric brain tumors.  Because the tumor is located at the base of the brain stem, surgery is not an option.  Conventional Western medicine puts the survival rate at close to 0%, and the survival time is usually about a year  following the diagnosis.

The Stout family learned of an experimental treatment offered by Dr. Stanislaw R. Burzynski. Dr. Burzynski developed Antineoplaston Therapy which targets cancer cells without destroying normal cells. He has reportedly used this therapy to cure children diagnosed with DIPG. The catch is that it costs $7,500 a month for treatment and as a result the Stout Family is mobilizing all of their resources to raise money for the treatment.

When I read about his story on his website, I couldn’t help but be completely charmed by a little boy so full of life and vibrancy.  His cheeky personality shines through in his photos and his parents’ love is so prevalent in each word they used to describe him, from his passion for music and dance to his talents at counting to 100.

I found an article in the San Jose Mercury News about a fundraiser for Noah.  In it, Noah’s father was quoted as saying, “We pray every night to find someone who could have a cure.”  When I read that, I felt a tingly chill because I knew that I could help him.

It was one of those moments like many I’ve had before, where I knew I was sitting on a goldmine of information that could save someone’s life, but I had to overcome my own fears of reaching out with something so radical for mainstream views.  In the past, there were many times when I chose not to share, but this time, I couldn’t let myself get in the way.  A little boy’s life was at stake.

So, Anthony and Michelle, I hope you will keep an open mind about what I’m going to share with you.  I offer this information with the best of intentions and from a place of  love.

Some basics first.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, a cancerous tumor is considered to be caused by a stagnation of energy.  When the body’s energy fails to flow smoothly, the energy block eventually leads to a physical block.  In the case of cancer, this manifests as a tumor.

The body has a network of channels or pathways for circulating energy similar to the veins and arteries for transporting blood.  It helps to think of a river to understand the energy pathways in the body.

If a river is flowing smoothly, then the ecosystem is in optimal balance.  But, if the water becomes obstructed, then bits of leaves and twigs and sediment start to accumulate.  If left unchecked, eventually, the debris builds up and plugs the river, leading to problems upstream and downstream.

In Traditional Chinese Reflexology, when you stimulate the reflexology points on your feet, it’s like you’re balancing the flow of the river in your body.  When you stimulate the point that corresponds to the energy blockage in your body, you are helping the body to clear the physically accumulated “debris”.

In Noah’s case, massaging the reflexology point for the brain would clear the energy blockage in that region.  Because he has a tumor, his brain reflexology point would probably feel very hard to the touch.  You might even feel small crystals or grains under the skin.  The point would be quite uncomfortable for Noah with even just slight pressure and could likely be painful.

Anthony and Michelle, I’m going to ask you to massage Noah’s reflexology point for the brain and the surrounding areas for at least 5 minutes a day.  While it will be very uncomfortable for him, massage as deeply and as firmly as Noah can tolerate.  Do both feet.

Brain Reflexology PointIdeally, you should use a reflexology stick.  It’s a small wooden stick made from a soft wood.  An alternate would be to use a small dowel from a craft store as long as it’s smooth.

Roll the stick up and down on the brain reflexology point of both of Noah’s toes.  Press hard.  At first, start off doing 30 seconds at a time, perhaps twice a day.  Then build up to five minutes in total for each toe.

The sooner you start and the sooner you build up to maximum pressure, the quicker the energy blockage will clear.  As the energy begins to flow smoothly again, Noah’s brain reflexology point will hurt less.  It might take a couple of weeks before he notices it hurting less.

Over time, you will feel the hardness of this point begin to soften.  The grains or crystals will start to break up.  The sensitivity will lessen.  As this happens, the energy blockage that created the tumor will begin to clear.  When the energy flows as it should, the physical body will follow the same path.

As you massage this reflexology point, you will be stimulating the clearing of toxins from this area of Noah’s body.  It’s important to massage other reflexology points to help his body clear out the toxins.  These would be the points for the excretory system and liver.

It’s too much detail to cover all of these points and techniques here, but if you simply rub the soles of his feet in the area under the ball of the foot and above the heel, you’ll have most of these points covered.  Use the knuckles of your hand to rub each foot at least one to two minutes a day.

Chinese Reflexology is a powerful tool for healing on its own and is also complementary to almost any system of healing, whether it be alternative or conventional.  Chinese Reflexology supports the body as a whole to do what it does best, which is heal itself.

In Noah’s case, the cancer treatment targets the physical tumor and Traditional Chinese Reflexology will target the energy blockage.  Using both methods together can magnify the healing process.

Reflexology Point for the Brain

  • Located on bottom of big toe
  • Covers the toe pad
  • Base of brain is located at base of toe pad
  • Both feet: left foot is for right side of brain, right foot is for left side of brain
  • Massage both toes using a small wooden stick, rolling in an up and down fashion.
  • Focus especially on the base of the the toe pad
  • Start with lighter pressure for 30 seconds each toe.  Build up to five minutes a day with greater pressure.

Reflexology for Clearing Toxins

  • Stroke the soles of both feet between the ball of the foot and the heel
  • Use knuckles to stroke in and up and down fashion
  • Do this for one to two minutes a day, using a medium pressure

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6 Responses to For Noah: Traditional Chinese Reflexology as a Complementary Tool for Healing

  1. Anastasia says:

    Hi Holly
    Just curious did this family follow up on your suggestions and what was the outcome.
    Would be awesome to hear he is recovering and tumour is reducing in size.
    Wish him and his family well

    • Holly says:

      I never heard from them so unfortunately, I don’t know. After several years, I’ve come to realize that I can’t help people who are not open to receiving my help. It is also a stressful time for people, so it is harder for people to sort through what will help vs. what will not, and admittedly the idea of rubbing your feet to heal your body is a big stretch for most people. I wish they would try it though as they’ve got nothing to lose. I hope things worked out for Noah, too.

      I occasionally still try reaching out for children because it breaks my heart to see them suffer, but the parents are the gatekeepers.

      • My son was diagnosed with a anaplastic astrocytoma or a grade 3 brain cancer, he is also 4. I am currently searching the best methods of using reflexology to help him. We have slowed his tumor growth through diet, supplements and prayer. But his tumor is still growing very slightly. Would I use the same tips as you gave above? I would love to learn more if you have more specific ideas and tips I could use for Aden. Thank you in advance!

        • Holly says:

          I’m so sorry to hear your son has brain cancer. In Chinese Medicine, the view is that growths in the body are a result of stagnant qi and blood. Because qi and blood are not flowing smoothly, “debris” accumulates in the body where there are energy blocks.

          Massaging the brain point helps move qi through the brain. There are also acupressure points (Liver 3 and Large Intestine 4) that powerfully move qi and blood. You will find them in this article for headaches:

          Also, be sure to look at how you can bring more calm and harmony into your own life. Children are sensitive to the energy of those around them. If they feel peace radiating from you, it will soothe them, and this also helps qi to flow.

          I wish you all the best and hope Aden has a speedy and miraculous recovery.

  2. kin lau says:

    my niece was diagnosed with DIPG this week in the UK. We are desperate to find alternatives, Would be great if you can contact me.

    • Holly says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that your niece was diagnosed with DIPG. I’ve given some starting information in this article, so please give these points a try first.

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