Q&A Monday: Got a Question?

Because of the volume of emails I receive and because I’m a full-time mom, I unfortunately can’t answer everyone’s questions personally. That’s why I created Q&A Mondays, a twice-a-month (sometimes more, sometimes less) column to answer readers’ questions. This way, everyone will be able to learn and benefit from the answers.

BEFORE YOU ASK, here are a few things that I kindly ask you to keep in mind:

  1. Please search this website to see if there is already an article that answers your question. The search box is on the right side of the black menu bar.
  2. I do have one favour to ask before you submit a question. Please go through the free online reflexology lessons before sending in your question. I appreciate you taking the time to understand the theory behind this healing modality so that I can spend less time answering the basics, and more time addressing the core issues. Thank you.
  3. As a general rule, I do not answer questions asked on behalf of someone else. This is because it’s up to them to choose health and until they do, no advice in the world, even from those that care for them the most, will make a difference. As a full-time mom with limited time, I have to invest my energy into where I feel I can make a difference.

TO SUBMIT YOUR QUESTION, leave a comment below (where it says “Leave a Reply”). This will help me keep track of questions and also to see if there is a topic that is of interest to a lot of people.

I can’t seem to find a good filing system for questions sent by email or Facebook, so unfortunately those tend to get lost in my inbox. Check back every once in awhile to see if your question is answered.

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18 Responses to Q&A Monday: Got a Question?

  1. Helen Ngau says:

    How to lower the higher blood pressure to normal 120/70 by using feet reflexology

  2. Holly says:

    From Angela:
    I have arthritis in my legs and cannot reach my right foot. I can do my left foot. what can I do to get results with Chinese Reflexology? where can I find the points in my hands and other place on my body? I really need this info thanks.

  3. Kenny says:

    I have muscle atrophy in my left hand. My thumb muscle has already started to waste away and the strength of my left hand has become weaker. I’ve been to hand specialists and they were not able to find the root cause although one UCSF physician believes pinched nerves in my spine as a possible cause.

    I would like to learn of pressure points I can massage to stimulate blood circulation and to clear energy blocks to my left arm and hand. Thank you.

  4. Shelli Godfrey says:

    Is reflexology effective if you have foot problems like a flat feet, a bunion, or a hammer toe? Is there anything to help with those?

    • Holly says:

      Flat feet can be helped with exercises and spending more time barefoot. If you Google for barefoot running and flat feet, you’ll find a ton of resources and advice. For a bunion and hammer toe, this style of reflexology is not that helpful. It’s rather ironic, it benefits all of your body with the exception of structural issues in the feet.

  5. Pamela Brown says:


    I have been diagnosed with optic neuritis which the doctors are saying is associated with Devic’s disease. I experience decreased vision in my left eye. Years ago, I almost experienced significant trauma in my left eye at the hands of my mom, and when I was 28 I started having flashbacks about the event. I also am working a job that no longer satisfies me, have management that doesn’t like (in fact I think they are trying to fire me), and that doesn’t line up with my values or allow me to be who I am. I was wondering if your articles on vision problems is related to my situation or am I a different case?

  6. Jill says:

    Hi Holly, I love your website & simple teachings that most people can follow – thank you.

    I’m a Midwife in Australia and I’m looking for some Reflexology moves that I could use for women going through natural labour and childbirth – Ways to help induce labour (when a pregnancy goes too long) and ways to cope/ manage the pain of labour, especially towards the end (near birth) when women can feel like that can’t cope any longer. Also is there Reflexology points to help move a baby into a better position in the birth canal? Thank you.

  7. Jessica says:

    Hello Ms. Tse,

    I have a question pertaining to gums. Over the past three to four months the gum line on my jaw has been periodically dropping. After visiting my dentist I have been referred to a Periodontalist with the statement that I’m probably going to need to get a gum graft before this gets any worse. (I take really good care of my teeth and have no major health problems so no one has any ideas on why this is happening.)

    As asked I have looked through your older post for anything related to my problem and I found a post about teeth/cavities as a result I have been massaging my toes. . . but these areas don’t hurt in a way that says “blocked qi here,” if anything they feel squishy and painless.

    In other post you have pointed out that emotions have a huge impact on our health. (Eye problems and not wanting to “see” the future.) So do you know of any emotional qi blockages related to mouth/gum heath?

    I imagine you are very busy so thank you for your time,

  8. Jessica says:

    Dear Ms. Tse,

    What is best way to remove crunchy spots from your feet? Heat? Direct pressure? Door-knob -opening-twist pressure? Crunchy spots don’t hurt; they are just crunchy.


    • Holly says:

      Hi Jessica,

      Regular, firm pressure over a very long period of time helps to clear crunchy spots. These are usually indicative of energy blocks and would likely be sensitive with applied pressure with a reflexology stick. However, the best way to clear the “crunchies” is to clear the energy block. To do that, you’d need to figure out where the energy is being held in the body and WHY you’re creating tension in that area. Once you release stress/tension/emotions stuck in an area, the feet tend to clear up very quickly.

  9. Scheenu says:

    Hi Holly,
    I have used your methods to relieve really sore throat and it worked for me beautifully. But I have another problem that has lead me many times to depression. I am a 35yr old female. I was always a bright student in school and used to have almost photographic memory but over the course of years I have seen a decline in my ability to recall what I see, read , hear etc. I still can remember minute details from my childhood but I find it difficult to remember more recent events. Most people say oh you shouldn’t be bothered by it but I know it’s not just one or two random situations. It’s like my mind is cluttered, saturated. It can’t take any more data. If I teach my child a poem and I read it 10 times , I still won’t remember it after a day or two. I feel miserable. Was wondering if there is any solution to this problem. Thanks, Scheenu

    • Holly says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling sad about your abilities to recall memories. If you reread what you’ve posted, you can see that your heart already knows the answer. “It’s like my mind is cluttered, saturated.” Rather than focus on the memory loss, I would suggest letting go of the past and welcoming more joy into your life. I also have an article on memory, but I feel that the mental/emotional roots would be most beneficial to address.


  10. sana says:

    Hey teacher.. i want to ask if massaging on adrenal gland pint on foot can increase its secretion?plz tell…?thank u

    • Holly says:

      Chinese Reflexology can help address the energy imbalances that are affecting the organs. This helps the body return to balance and heal. And when the body heals itself, that is what will normalize the function of the adrenal gland.

  11. Lore says:

    Hi Holly, I would like to know wich points are important for fibriomialgy. Thank you so much!

  12. Paul Daentl says:

    Quick question. In your book, you refer to how connected your health is to what you think about and emotions. Is there a book that describes all of the body issues and the mind set connected to them? Ex: leg issues connect with trouble moving forward in your life.
    Great book, by the way!

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