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Heal Your Knees With Chinese Reflexology

If you’re a runner and you’ve got knee pain or if you have chronic knees problems, read this article to learn how to heal your knees faster and prevent injuries with Chinese Reflexology. The Chinese Reflexology point for the knee helps to heal injuries faster and banish weird twinges and wobbles. It’s also beneficial for chronic weakness in the knees.

Click here to heal your knees

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5 Ways to Practice Chinese Reflexology if You Can’t Rub Your Feet

One of the questions I get asked regularly is, “How do you practice Chinese Reflexology if you can’t rub your feet?” Sometimes a structural issue or injury makes it hard to massage your feet. Other times, it’s simply not convenient. Imagine whipping off your shoes and rubbing your feet in the middle of an important business meeting!

For those times when you can’t reach down and rub your feet, here are 5 ways to help you practice Chinese Reflexology…

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Latest Podcast: #48 All Purpose Dragon Spirit Meditation

If you’re having a busy week. listen to this episode for an all purpose Dragon Spirit meditation to help you:

  • Clear energy blocks in your throat that may keep you from speaking up and expressing your brilliance
  • Feel free to put down fake masks and airs that hide your authentic self from others
  • Release self-judgment and stress so that you feel more relaxed and can breathe easier

P.S. A new episode is released every Monday morning. Find every episode on iTunes or my podcast blog at: www.hollytse.com.