Q&A Monday: Chinese Reflexology for Lyme Disease?

Q: Do you have any suggestions for those suffering from Lyme Disease please?

A: Thank you so much for your question because it gives me the opportunity to answer two important questions about Chinese Reflexology—when to use it and how does it work to support health and vitality?

First, in the case of Lyme disease, Chinese Reflexology should be considered a long-term partner to restore balance in your body. Thus, anyone in the acute phase of Lyme disease, should immediately get proper medical care, usually this is antibiotic treatment to address the bacterial infection.

After the acute phase has passed, if someone is experiencing long-term chronic issues as a result of Lyme disease, this is when Chinese Reflexology can be used to support the body in returning to a state of balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine View on Lyme Disease

Chinese Medicine considers Lyme disease to be an “external evil” or pathogen that has invaded the body, resulting in “toxic fire” in the body. When the “fire toxin” accumulates in the brain or joints, that’s when fogginess/irritability and joint pain manifest.

A TCM approach to treatment might include Chinese herbs (to clear the “fire” from the body and to strengthen the immune system), cupping on the back (to pull out toxins and improve circulation), and/or acupuncture to support the immune system.

Because Lyme disease affects the entire body on many levels, it is important to take a multi-pronged approach to healing.  Traditional Chinese Reflexology can be used as a complimentary tool to support the body’s natural healing process.

Are There Chinese Reflexology Points for Lyme Disease?

While I wish I could give you a simple prescription of a handful of reflexology points for Lyme disease, because of the complexity of the disease, it’s impossible for me to simplify things to just a few points.

Off the top of my head, I would most definitely recommend the Kidney point as it is considered the “root of life” and holds our “essence” (life force energy).  It also plays an important role in clearing toxins from our bodies.  In Lesson 3 of my free online lessons, I discuss how to locate and massage the Kidney point in great detail. This would be a very beneficial point to massage daily for 30 to 60 seconds, using either your knuckles or your thumbs to press and rub.

The other point I would recommend is the Liver point as it also plays an important role in clearing toxins from the body. From a Chinese Medicine perspective, a healthy Liver and Liver meridian is essential for moving Qi (energy) and blood smoothly through the body.  In Chinese Medicine, the Liver is also associated with the emotion of anger and “Liver fire” in the body can rise upwards to cause irritability.

If you download my free Chinese Reflexology charts, you’ll find the Liver point on the right foot.  It’s a square-shaped area located next to the Kidney point.  For this point, I would recommend rubbing it twice a week instead of daily. Please use your knuckles or your thumbs to massage for 30 to 60 seconds.

If your symptoms also include fogginess of the brain or pain in the knees, there are Chinese Reflexology points for the brain and the knees.  I’ve written about the Chinese Reflexology point for the brain as well as the Chinese Reflexology point for the knees.

While these articles cover different topics, you will find instructions on how to locate and massage the brain and knee reflexology points.  Similar to the Liver reflexology point, I would recommend rubbing these points twice a week for about 30 seconds each.  Massaging these points helps to keep the Qi flowing through these areas.

However, as I mentioned above, a handful of points are not likely to make a huge immediate impact. For a whole body illness, you need a whole body approach.

In this case, my best answer would be to practice the complete system of Chinese Reflexology regularly (twice a week) for 2 to 3 months, using a Chinese Reflexology stick.  It addresses the whole body because there are reflexology points for all of your body’s systems. It also helps release toxins stored within all areas of the body, supports the body’s systems in clearing out toxins, and also helps your Qi and blood to flow smoothly.

I don’t recommend that people use a Chinese Reflexology stick without proper instruction as it is very powerful (much more powerful than pressing with your fingers/knuckles/thumbs) in moving Qi.  It’s possible to move Qi the wrong way or to release toxins too quickly from the body.

I’m going to be teaching the complete Chinese Reflexology system (including how to properly use a reflexology stick) this upcoming Spring 2014. If you might be interested in this online 6-month program, please send me an email.

Emotional Support for Your Body

Finally, I would highly encourage you to give your body every advantage possible to heal itself. One absolutely amazing gift is love and compassion. When you are feeling chronically ill, it is easy to begin a habit of looking at your body negatively, wondering what’s going on and what is wrong with yourself.

Our thoughts and emotions manifest in the physical body. If we are thinking negatively and judging ourselves, we are telling our bodies that they are “bad”.  This makes it much harder for our bodies to bounce back.

I would suggest that you pay attention to your thoughts and notice when you are having negative thoughts or judgements about your health.  E.g. Are you thinking about how crappy you feel today? Are you angry that you got bit by a tick? Do you wonder “if only” you had done something differently?  Do you find yourself mentally changing your plans for the future because of Lyme disease?

Whenever you notice yourself having thoughts like these, STOP.

Would you lecture a young child with the words running through your mind? Or would you offer compassion, love and encouragement?

One technique that I recommend is that whenever you catch yourself having a negative thought or judgement about your health, repeat this Ho’oponopono prayer to yourself:

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

You can take this prayer to mean whatever you wish in whatever context you like. When you repeat this mantra, two important things occur:

  1. You stop the negative train of thought.
  2. You move into the energy of love and compassion.

Love is the most powerful energy in our world. It may seem from a Western medical perspective that it has nothing to do with the physical body, but I believe it is our true Source of life force energy. We just have to let it in and allow it to grow until we are overflowing with love. And that, is the true secret to amazing health and vitality.

Wishing YOU amazing health and vitality,


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