Success Stories

“I woke up one morning with a horrible cold and a friend told me about your website. I wasn’t sure what I thought about reflexology but as a working mother, I am unable to rest in bed while I am sick.

After reading the website I sat down to rub my feet. I awkwardly rubbed each of the points trying to make sure to follow the technique listed. I was able to tell when I was in the right spot because it was very sore and tender.

A few hours later I did the points again, but with more confidence and more pressure. I noticed a large improvement shortly after my second attempt. I was able to breathe better and I was less congested. I also noticed that my sore throat had improved and I was able to swallow better. I continued rubbing the points and my cold was completely gone within two and half days. The other people in my office that had the cold were sick for 7-10 days.”

- Julie T.

“Holly, your pink eye reflexology totally worked (gone the next day). Took 3×5 minute treatments and my eye was back to white the next day. I’m a firm believer that your mind can heal your body. Natural and eastern medicine has many more benefits and little to no side effects, especially when compared with medical doctors and drugs.”

- Nuno Serrenho

“OK … Holly … you’ve got some serious Chinese medicine going on here! I just did as you instructed (quite clearly, thank you!) and my feet hurt but I do feel better already. Man … that’s powerful mojo because I have been sick as a dog today!

- Suzanne F.


My late mother, developed kidney failure due to diabetes some 7 years ago. Her feet were swollen due to the excessive water that remained in her system. It also caused frequent congestive heart failure. I noticed after the reflexology, my mother could urinate better, which eased some swollen and pain on her feet.

Before Holly left for the US, I asked her to teach me the very part that could help my mother’s excretory system. Armed with the limited knowledge, I massaged her feet every night I visited when she was in a nursing home. It comforted her and helped her relief.

- Donna T.


Omgoodness….worked wonders on my son. Now my daughter has a stuffed nose. Just did the first treatment on her. ”

- Marielle S.